Event Synergist

Event Synergist

SYNERGY [sin-er-jee]


the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.


We’ve spent the past year really looking inward. Identifying who we are, who we help, and what value we can bring to the table of each and every relationship and interaction we have. There is still more work to be done, there always is.

Books to be read.
Podcasts to be listened to.
Conferences to attend.
Programs to create.
New territories to cross.
Relationships to cultivate.
Partnerships to be made.
Events to produce.

So much to do. So much fun to be had.

And in order to do all of those things, we also need to add some new amazing faces to our team.

The first person (of many) we’re looking for is our Event Synergist.

This is a brand new position for us. Revamped from the position formerly known as Studio Coordinator. The revamp comes from our innate desire to give the best customer service we can, from start to finish. We’re really excited as to what this will do for the overall client experience, and also our own internal development within our team.

How did we come up with this? Easy. Use our core values to point us in the right direction.

Core value #3: Deliver Excellence, Going Above and Beyond Through Service
Core value #6: Innovate, Evolve, and Grow as Passionate Leaders of Our Industry

Want to know more about this position? One more click will give you tons of details and the ability to apply online.

A few key points to consider:

+ The right individual MUST thrive on growth and have the willingness to evolve together with the company
+ The ideal candidate will have many ideas to bring to the table, always ready to question “is this the best way we could do this?”
+ The application must be completed in full, including the final step (this will make more sense as you go through the steps)
+ Last but not least, you must love dogs (and also be okay with neighborhood roosters and iguanas)

Ready to learn more?
Ready to apply?

You can do both <<HERE>>


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