UV2: The Fletcher Farmhouse Table

UV2: The Fletcher Farmhouse Table

You asked, we listened.

We are so excited to debut a new line of FarmHouse Table Rentals in our event rental furniture line: The UV2 collection.  The Fletcher Farmhouse Table is the first of many anticipated new items that will be added to the UV2 collection. This table is a more cost effective alternative to our renowned Thompson Farmhouse Tables. For the introductory rental cost of $100 per table available through September 2016, you get the same top-notch hand crafted quality that we are well known for, while allowing you to invest your rental budget in other great pieces to enhance the overall look of your event. Whether that means pairing your Fletcher Farmhouse Tables with our Remington Metal Chairs for a modern industrial look or using our Mismatched Natural Wood Dining Chairs and Ivory Lace Runners to create a soft, rustic look – the possibilities are endless.

So what’s different about these tables?

Our Thompson Farmhouse Tables are carefully crafted of hand-selected reclaimed barn-wood, sourced across the North East from barns of 100+ years old. You can see and feel the saw blade marks in the grain of the wood from when the barn was constructed, giving you a story and history behind the wood. The authenticity of the wood used to create our Thompson’s creates a prestigious energy and feel to events which is what has gained our Thompson’s the popularity they have.

In order to introduce the Fletcher’s at a more cost effective rate, we constructed each table with smooth-finished wood, staining it to bring out a beautiful antique pine color. A sleek, modern take to our Thompson Farmhouse tables offers class and style. While our Thompson’s will give you history, our Fletcher’s will create history at your events. The personality of our Fletcher Tables works for all event styles and occasions.

Like our Thompson Farmhouse Table, each Fletcher Farmhouse table is 8’ long and 40” wide and will comfortably seat 8 to 10 guests. Each leg of the table is in-set so you can line each table family-style and your guests will be comfortable and actually play footsy on purpose.

With our new UV2 line, you will still get our exceptional Unearthed Vintage service and team that our clients love and have grown to expect. Remember, we focus on the small details that make all the difference. Need proof of your own? Check out our reviews on Wedding Wire {here}, and Yelp {here}.  Or, you can simply book with us and see for yourself!

The Fletcher Farmhouse Tables will be available starting mid-May 2016.

Let us know when you’re ready to book, we will be waiting.

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Miami Event Rental Company - Farmhouse Table Rentals - Fletcher Farmhouse Table

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