You Give Before You Get

You Give Before You Get

You guys know I’m long winded by now, and that it’s *hopefully* always a good read when I spend time to put my heart on paper (or rather, into the online world). In my own, totally unbiased opinion, I’ve got another good one that you’re going to want to read through the end.


“You give before you get.”  – Napoleon Hill


Currently I’m reading Think and Grow Rich for Women by Sharon Lechter as part of a mastermind group that I am in. Originally written by Napoleon Hill, the Napoleon Hill foundation reached out to Sharon Lechter to write the book based on a woman’s perspective. It follows the same outline as the original Think and Grow Rich, with modern day references, female opinions and outlooks, and many references to Napoleon Hill’s original work.


In the first chapter that I read over a month ago, the quote from Napoleon Hill, you give before you get, stuck with me. I wrote it down and repeated it to myself again and again. When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, I kept thinking to myself, what can we do? Then Irma hit South Florida. The past weeks have been especially hard for our entire community, myself, both personally and professionally, included. While we are so grateful to have been spared by the potential damage that Irma could have caused, there is still damage and losses to recover. Then looking at what happened to the nearby Caribbean Islands, and to our beloved Keys where my husband spent much of his childhood, made me realize that we had to do something. We couldn’t just continue to watch from afar and think how horrible this storm was as we scrolled through endless pictures and videos found online.


My first idea was inspired by our gracious yoga instructor, Marly Q. I almost missed our monthly team yoga session last week due to a tire blowout on I95 (though that story is for another day), and through her generosity, she offered to PARK (perform an act of random kindness) and teach another yoga class this week Friday, September 22nd at no cost to us. At first I turned her down, thanking her for the thought, and letting her know that she didn’t need to do that. Then over the weekend, I kept thinking about the Keys and what we could do to help.  I saw that Marly was teaching a class that Sunday to collect donations. On Sunday afternoon I reached out to her, asking if she would still teach that class if we opened it up to the public, inviting everyone to join us for FREE, as long as they contributed a donation that we would personally drive down to the Keys next weekend. She was all in.


I still wanted to do more.


I thought for a while longer on my own, then decided to share my ideas with the team. We do a LOT of really great brainstorming together, they’re kind of the best. Our community is rebuilding. So many of our clients, partners, and friends have been displaced by the storm, or forced to spend unexpected amounts of money that is causing extra stress in their lives. How could we help? We came up with an idea that the girls have dubbed “game changing” – something that we have never offered before in the 6 years we’ve been open.


Rent. One. Get. One. FREE.
Yep. ROGO.


Call it an early birthday present from me to you. For any events booked between now and my birthday, Wednesday, October 11th, this is my gift to you. The following items will be available as part of our ROGO special:


+ dining tables
+ cocktail tables
+ dining chairs
+ stools
+ benches
+ styled lounges
+ bars
+ bar backs
+ bistro lighting packages


All items listed above are rent one, get one (of equal or lesser value) for FREE. All you have to do is submit your signed agreement + 50% deposit before 5pm on Wednesday, October 11th. That’s it. This offer is good on all new orders and also any additions to events that are already booked with us. Not valid on any previously booked orders. All regular policies apply.


This is to help all of those who are working on rebuilding what they’ve lost. It is to bring life and joy and love back to South Florida. It’s to share with our community. To give before we get.


Ready to create your dream event with our ROGO special? Check out our rentals and send us an email with your favorite pieces:


I do have one request for you as part of our ROGO offer. Inspire and be inspired while you collaborate and cultivate community. If you’re able to spread the good vibes, consider taking a portion of your savings with us and donating it to a reputable charity that will help support those who have lost everything. We spent time doing the research to make it easy. If you decide to donate, we’d love to know about it! Take a screen shot and tag us in the photo to show us all the good you’re doing in the world.


Click here to donate to Direct Relief Be sure to select Hurricane Irma

Click here to donate to the Go Fund Me Page created by the founders of the Islamorada Beer Company


If you want to join our efforts in collecting supply donations for the Keys, we are acting as a drop off point all week. Yoga is on Friday, September 22nd at 6:00pm – 6951 NW 16th Street, Miami FL 33126. Click on the link below for more details, to review donation needs, and to RSVP to save your spot and let us know you’re coming:


RSVP to Sending Good Vibes to the Keys


So friends, will you join me, will you give before you get?



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