Work Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard


Work Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

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You may have noticed a slight difference in our name and email addresses. We’re getting ready to tell you ALL about it in a soon-to-come blog post and newsletter, and for now, we’ll leave you with… we’re more than just vintage.


bellamy sofa
We are so excited to expand our {growing} velvet collection with the arrival of the Bellamy Sofa. Currently we have 2 of these beauties in the collection. With sleek lines and tapered legs with gold accents, she’s ready to be part of your event. Email us to rent Bellamy today!


theodore card catalog
The Theodore Card Catalog is one of our favorite finds to date. Who else remembers using these in the library in elementary school? (Or am I getting old?) This vintage card catalog is fully customizable, making it such a great statement piece to use in different areas of your event. It comes in sections, and can be stacked with 2 rows of drawers, perfect for a coffee table, 4 rows of drawers, perfect height for a cake table or counter top, or 6 sets of drawers, making it the statement piece that dreams are made of. Email ustoday to include the Theodore Card Catalog in your next event!


Did you know that we just got TONS of new items to add to our collection? We’ve been sharing a bit of our newest pieces through our Instagram Stories, and we’ll be “officially” featuring them in our upcoming newsletters. That also means some very exciting news for you (more than just the exciting news of having new pieces to rent for your upcoming events)… It’s time for a SPRING CLEANING SALE!!! We’ll post more details and sneak peeks next week, but for now we can share with you that it will be mostly upholstered sofas and chairs, and that it will be the last week of this month. 


Work Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard.
We want you to know who we are at our core, and what it is that makes our company culture so great (if we do say so, ourselves)! What does work hard, play hard, love hard mean to us? It means we are always working hard and giving our all. It means we are always having fun while doing it. And it also means we love what we’re doing with all of our hearts. It’s also a reminder to have some balance in our lives, and that as hard as we all work when we’re in the office (and let’s be honest, late at night and on the weekends when so many of our beautiful events are taking place), that we need to make sure that we’re having fun outside of work, and loving our life and all those close to us.


Come for a visit, stay for the prosecco and sweets (and great company)!
We hold our open house the last Wednesday of every month. Come peruse the rentals, connect with the team, and meet all of our in-house community members! The next one will be held Wednesday, April 25th from 10:00am to 6:30pm!


janderyn makris
earth & sugar
What are you passionate about? 
Styling. Placement of art on cakes, cake floral arrangements and even food! I style food for chefs and magazines on my free time and it has been one of my greatest joys to be able to contribute something different to the food industry.

Why do you do what you do? 
Goodness I wish I could answer this simply, but if I could go back to politics I am not sure that I would be designing cakes anymore. However, I love interacting with people and getting inspired by them and their event style so it suits that inner stylist in me which I don’t believe I could ever quiet. My dream was to make an impact in my industry and stand out as the one who was doing something different and while I can continue to do that I will remain a cake artist. In the simplest of answers, it brings me creative joy.

What is your favorite piece in the collection? 
The Hopper Crank tables. It took me less than second to answer this! Every time I think of this table I get so excited to create something around it. From a plated dessert for two sitting for a quiet moment with champagne to a multiple table display with a beautiful cake and abundant florals. It’s so versatile I can re-invent is use with desserts for a lifetime it feels.

What is your cocktail of choice? 
Currently because its all I can drink (healthiest clean and refreshing) and now its growing on me….
Titos Vodka w/ sparkling water
1 fresh squeeze lemon + fresh lemon slice

What is the most memorable place you’ve traveled to?
Arequipa, Peru. My father is of Incan decent and seeing the ruins and land there through his families eyes will forever stay with me. In the summers I would spend months there and had a llama as a pet!

What has been your favorite Unearthed event so far? 
There are so many, just thinking back to all of them makes my heart smile. If I had to think to just one it would be one of our biggest photo shoots together back in 2014. Of course we have done more elaborate and amazing things since then. This one always stays with me because it was that day that I learned what collaborating with such creative genius meant. I was inspired by Katie so much, to this day I share a connection with her ability to see styling and design and in a variety of ways that most people cannot. I was in awe for how much they cared for their pieces and the stories behind collecting them the history she of them have. That is something you cannot teach anyone, the innate nature to value and appreciate craft and history in the items people create.

The amazing lineup of vendors included so many of my favorites:Earth + Sugar
Unearthed Rentals
Anthology Co.
STARR Catering Group
Katie Lopez Photography
West Elm
Perez Art Museum Miami

What is the best way for our clients to get in touch with you? 
IG: @earthandsugar
Phone: (561) 735-1796
We have recently added the ability to text messages through our Google listing and that’s pretty amazing. 

Anything else you’d like to share with us? 
A simple thank you. We are all product of our experiences, and thankfully I have had one, or many to be frank, with all of you at Unearthed. You’ve helped me grow personally and contributed to the growth of Earth and Sugar, one could never be grateful enough to such a supportive company.

(Insert all the heart eyes, hugs, and happy tears – Thanks, Janderyn, I love you too! Love, Katie)


nicole hernandez
starr catering group
What are you passionate about?
Traveling and food, and believe they go hand in hand. When I truly want to experience a culture in another country, I research where I can eat to enjoy the local fare! The ingredients always tell me a story about the culture I’m immersing myself in.

Why do you do what you do?
It fuels my passion for food, in the most creative way possible. I spend my days writing, talking, creating, tasting and working around food and spirits, to offer spectacular event experiences that are unmatched.

What is your favorite piece from the Unearthed collection?
Just one piece? That’s HARD to do.
Ok, I can narrow it down to one TYPE of thing, your structures! I think they can create a story and give life to anything you put around or under them.

What is your cocktail of choice? 
Ok, this is tricky so, I will break it down by time of day: Morning –  Bloody Mary (fully loaded)  | Afternoon – Gimlet or Gin Fizz |  Evening – Classic Old Fashioned (Note from Katie – this is quite possibly my favorite cocktail response EVER!)

Are there any details you’d like to share with us? 
Be sure to follow @starrevetsfl on Instagram!

What is the best way for a potential client to reach you?
Nicole Hernandez
Director of Sales | STARR Catering Group
IG: @missnikkh
Phone: 305.505.0726

Thanks Nicole. We love working with you and the entire STARR team!

Katie + The Unearthed Team


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