Summer Fun + Tom Mathieu Events

Summer Fun + Tom Mathieu Events


mae chairs
With Summer in full swing, the dinner parties, and brunches our clients are hosting are getting so creative – and we are loving it! To add some spark to your event, we are so excited to introduce to you our new charming Mae Chairs. We currently have 2 of these beauties in the collection. With her bright colors and fun print, she’s ready to be a part of your summer soiree. The Mae Chairs pair really well with the Sullivan Sofa and Sydney Moroccan Poufs it will create a unique area for your guests to mingle. 

Email us today to rent the Mae Chairs! 


the carreta
Whether it be for desserts, a charcuterie spread, or welcome table, The Carreta is ready to shine at your event. The Carreta‘s most recent adventure was at a Masi Events’ wedding where Anthology Co. had a vibrant display of floral and created flower crowns for the guest entering the reception. What a magical touch! How would you use The Carreta at your event?  

Email us today to include The Carreta in your next event!


Did you know that we are offering Packages now? Three to be exact: FreshLush, and Indulge. We understand that event planning entails making various decisions. Where do I start? What’s the theme? Who is setting up first? Did Aunt Mary RSVP? We are here to help YOU! Whether you are an event pro, or beginner, our Packages offer an easy and beautiful peace of mind. With the help of our Event Producer, Janice, you can design your next event within a few simple steps.      

Email us today to learn more about our Packages! 


We want you to know who we are at our core, and as we are starting at the beginning of our Core Values we want to share with you what it means to each of our Unearthed team member. We will be starting with our Logistic Guru: Elizabeth Mendez.

What does Good Vibes Only mean to you? 
It means keeping a positive, light, and fun attitude and dismissing the negativity.

How do you strive to keep Good Vibes Only in your life?
Surrounding myself with postive people who lift each other up.


carolina fernandez
studio coordinator
What are you passionate about? 
I am most passionate about music, travel, church, and making memories. I love music because I have been singing since I was in elementary school and it has been a deep love of mine ever since. I am passionate about travel because I love to immerse myself in different cultures and learn as much as I can about people. I truly believe that our world can be a better and more peaceful place if we had a better understanding of other peoples’ way of life. I also truly love and enjoy volunteering around the city with my church community. Lastly, I am passionate about making memories with my family and friends, and for other people and their loved ones. As a planner since pre-school, I love to plan thoughtful and unique moments for people to create memories that will last a lifetime.Why do you do what you do? 
Everything I do truly makes my heart happy because I am involved in creating happiness for others. I do what I do to try and spark a positive change in people’s lives.What is your favorite piece in the collection? 
My favorite piece in the collection {for the moment} is the Helix Dome {White}. It is such a unique piece that really gives our clients the opportunity to create a special space at their events.What is your cocktail of choice? 
Cadillac margarita!
1/4 cup of lime juice
2oz Silver Tequila
1oz Triple Sec
1 oz Grand Marnier
{Thank me later}

What is the most memorable place you’ve traveled to?
The most memorable place I’ve traveled to is Tallinn, Estonia. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would ever get to go there! I went on a music outreach tour with my college and that was one of our stops. The show that we booked there was canceled at the last minute, and in turn, we got a week off to explore Tallinn. It was a gorgeous city with vibrant, kind people and I’d go back in a heartbeat if I could.

What has been your favorite Unearthed event so far? 
I am totally obsessed with the Tom Mathieu event we did at the Butler Estate in Palm Beach. Our rentals with their beautiful florals flowed so well together. I love the pop of color with the fuchsia flowers, Loretta Sofa, and Florence Sofa. Truly breathtaking!

Some of the amazing lineup of vendors included:Tom Mathieu & Company
C.J. Walker Photography
Unearthed Rentals



tracey large
tom mathieu & company inc.
What are you passionate about?
Color! Color strongly influences me. It’s the first thing I notice in any environment. It can change a mood, convey a thought, and relate multiple objects or rooms. I’ve always thought how fun it would be to name nail polish for Essie or paint for Benjamin Moore.Why do you do what you do?
I LOVE the event industry; I have learned from the very best designers, over the last 25 years and have been fortunate to be a part of some incredible occasions. The many long hours spent in preparation, and the intensity of the deadline coupled with logistics makes you appreciate the people / professionals who are working with you. After many years, these relationships are like family.What is your favorite piece from the Unearthed collection?
A tie between the Chicken Coop Coffee Table and The Carreta as they are quirky and unexpected, but most of all because they found new life in re-purposing and didn’t end up in a landfill. They are still valuable!What is your cocktail of choice? 

What is the best way for a potential client to reach you?
Tracey Large
Tom Mathieu & Company Inc
Phone: 561.833.2179

Thanks Tracey. We love working with you and the entire TOM MATHIEU team!Love,
The Unearthed Team

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