Innovate, Evolve, and Grow as Passionate and Determined Leaders of Our Industry

Innovate, Evolve, and Grow as Passionate and Determined Leaders of Our Industry

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antique black remington bar stool
Because sometimes, black is the new black. These bar stools came to us by accident. Yes, really! Originally ordered as counter height stools for my own kitchen island, our supplier sent us bar height stools instead. When we told them their error, they shipped out the new stools we waited for their arrival (and for the old stools to be picked up). Once he realized they were ours to play with while we waited for shipping, Anthony excitedly staged them in our showroom, where they gained lots of interest. 40 stools later, they are ready to rent for your next event.  Email us to rent them today!


the vanderbilt deconstructed chairs
The Vanderbilt Deconstructed Chairs are full of surprise. Off-white fabric, beautifully tufted in the front, and a deconstructed, burlap back. The exposed nail heads and dark wood trim tie the entire piece together. We have 4 of these masculine beauties in our collection, ready to use in a lounge or at a sweetheart table. Email us today to make these part of your next event!


Did you know that there is just one day left to take part in our ROGO promotion? You can rent one get one free on so many of our rentals if you book by 5:00pm tomorrow, October 11th. You can check out all of the details in our latest blog post or just send us an email to get started.


Innovate, Evolve, and Grow as Passionate Leaders of our Industry.
We want you to know who we are at our core, and what it is that makes our company culture so great (if we do say so, ourselves)! Our world is constantly changing. Today is different from last year, last month, even last week. We know that as a company, and as individuals, that it is important to adapt. To do this, we must be innovative, which allows us to evolve and grow in our ever-changing world. We take this a step further and ensure that we are leading our industry in design trends, in building our community, in maintaining our brand. We do this through education – reading books, listening to podcasts, attending seminars, and most importantly, we do this through the participation of our entire team offering at least 1 idea each week on how we can evolve. It may sound intense, and it’s the reason we can adhere to this value.  


Come for a visit, stay for the prosecco and sweets (and great company)!
We hold our open house the last Wednesday of every month from 4:30pm to 6:30pm. Come peruse the rentals, connect with the team, and meet all of our in-house members! The next one will be held on November 29th from 4:30pm to 6:30pm!


jovan blineau
coo + founder + designer
What are you passionate about? 
My family, my business, my ideas, and fishing.Why do you do what you do? 
I do what I do because I want to make a difference in my life, in the lives of those I care about, and in the lives of the people who are touched by the hard work that I put into this life.

What is your favorite piece in the collection? 
My favorite piece has to be our Holden Tables. I especially love seeing them laid out family-style. At 60″ x 60″, they make such a bold statement when they’re lined up in a row. Another great way to lay them out is on a diamond configuration. It really adds another dimension to a floor layout at an event. The warmth and character of the reclaimed barnwood tops and bases bring an authentic feel to the occasion.

What is your cocktail of choice? 
Makers Mark on a rock. (to be clear, a large rock. It’s always a bummer when you’re served a rocks glass full of tiny ice cubes. rant over.)

What is the most memorable place you’ve traveled to?
India. In 2004, I spent 2 months backpacking in Northern India with a good friend of mine. I long to return with my family one day so that they too can experience the beauty of the Himalayan mountains. Even though it was meant to be a more technical mountaineering expedition, it turned out to be an enlightening adventure. We lived as if we were locals while staying in a guest house for $1.75/night. The food was amazing and the people were some of the nicest people I have ever encountered.

What has been your favorite UV event so far? 
A wedding that took place at the Perez Art Museum with Nathalie of Luxe Fête Event Planning and Design Studio. I built a custom add-on for our arbor to allow The Flower Bazaar to do a unique install that was the backdrop for the couples elegant sweetheart table, and they mixed our Thompson Farmhouse Tables with my favorite tables, the Holden’s.

Event Planner: Luxe Fête Event Planning and Design Studio
Venue: Perez Art Museum of Miami
Photography: Mademoiselle Fiona
Food + Libations: Starr Catering Group
Floral Design: The Flower Bazaar


nathalie cadet-james
luxe fête event planning and design studio
What are you passionate about?
I am passionate about celebrating life and telling stories through design.Why do you do what you do?
I do what I do because I love to connect people. Incredible ambiances inspire human connection.

What is your favorite piece from the Unearthed Vintage collection?
The Holden Dining Table. It is simple elegance personified.

What is your cocktail of choice? 
The Spicy Déryné, the signature drink from my favorite bar in Budapest. It has elderflower, chili, vodka, lime and honey. It’s so Nathalie.

Are there any details you’d like to share with us? 
It’s been a pleasure to watch Unearthed Vintage flourish. Really proud of you all for creating such an inspirational brand and product, for keeping it timeless beyond trends.

What is the best way for a potential client to reach you?
Nathalie Cadet-James, Luxe Fête Event Planning and Design Studio
Instagram: @LuxeFete

Thanks Nathalie. We love working with you!Love,
Katie + The Unearthed Vintage Team


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