Good Vibes Only

Good Vibes Only

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colbie settee
colbie chair
mercer chair
We’re so excited to add these seating options to our collection as we start to take the collection in a more modern direction. We’re more than just vintage rentals, bringing you all of your unique furniture and decor needs. These pieces are from one of our newest partners in Indonesia. Each piece is hand woven, and we currently have 2 of every style (and will be ordering more for our collection soon!) Email us to rent them for your next event.


circle bar (& bar back)
The circle bar is a classic favorite in the UV collection, paired perfectly in this image with our circle bar back, wicker baskets, and other small decor. This one-of-a-kind piece originated in France and is circa 1930’s. We believe it’s history includes once being a concierge desk inside of a beautiful hotel, and lucky for us that makes it the perfect size for a bartender to sling drinks at your next event. There is plenty of storage down below, along with a hidden counter space for your bartenders to work, out of eyesight from your guests. 


Did you know that we have 8 styles of dining tables, with enough tables and chairs to seat more than 1,600 guests at once?! And we’re always looking to design and build more unique dining options to add to our collection. Most recently we added our fletcher farmhouse tables to the collection. These tables are made of a modern wood, meaning we can offer them at a more affordable rate than our traditional farmhouse tables that are built out of 100-year-old reclaimed barnwood. Email us today to learn more!


Good Vibes Only
We want to share our core values with you. One of our most important core values is Good Vibes Only. We’re all about the positivity and good energy (including burning sage in the office regularly!) Each one of our employees exudes “good vibes only” and we look for this in our clients as well. We always try our best to leave a positive impact in everyone that we work with, and we hope that you’ve noticed! We even offer team yoga twice monthly, and a yoga networker once each quarter to help encourage positive thoughts and energy. Want to join us? Send us an email and let us know! We’d love to have you.


Remember to come visit us!
We hold our open house the last Wednesday of every month, normally from 10am-12pm. Come peruse the rentals, connect with the team, and meet all of our in-house members! The next one is on Wednesday, May 31st, and it will be at a special time, from 4:30pm to 6:30pm!


elizabeth mendez
(on her honeymoon in thailand)
What are you passionate about?
All things animals and travel. Combining the both is my dream. Everyone who knows me can point out a lizard, and know I’ll get excited about it. I also love learning about new cultures, and seeing different parts of the world that will enrich and give me a new perspective on life.Why do you do what you do?
I love being a part of a small and fast growing company. It gives me great fulfillment, job satisfaction, and motivation to watch the growth of the company, and be a part of it. The success of the company is my success, and I know that I had a hand in getting it to where it is, and where it’s going. Working with the amazing team we have gives me strength everyday, and excitement to come to work. They make me want to be a better me, and employee, and they give me the joy I look forward to coming to work every morning. “Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” – ConfuciusWhat is your favorite piece in the collection?
This changes depending on my mood, vibe, or the time of day you ask – plus, how can I really choose just one? At the current moment, I am really digging the Largo Hammock.What is your cocktail of choice?
My go-to drink at a typical bar is a Margarita, however, if I am at a craft cocktail bar, I would choose something spicy, yet refreshing.

What is the most memorable place you’ve traveled to?
Cuzco/Machu Picchu, Peru. The free roaming llamas were awesome, and gave me that combo of my passion for travel, and animals. Yes, I did pet them, even though they were kind of scary, and they spit.

What has been your favorite UV event so far? 
My favorite event was in January of 2016. It was a corporate event at the Rialto Theater, with a Ski Chalet theme. The design that Anna Lucia and her team created, and brought to life was the most amazing event I have seen thus far. Our rentals looked so fabulous with this theme, and the planners were so organized, efficient, flexible, responsive and communicative.


anna lucia richardson
anna lucia events
What are you passionate about?
We are passionate about taking our client’s inspiration and tastes and realizing an experience beyond their own expectations. Every detail is important to us, sometimes maybe more than the client, so you could say we border on obsession, not just passion…Why do you do what you do?
Our entire team is motivated by design and most importantly, client satisfaction. We absorb influence and ideas from all around us and really look forward to getting to implement new concepts with each and every event we do.  We strive to never repeat the same event twice as we want each and every client to have their event unique to them.  At the end of the day, seeing everything come together gives us the proper high to keep doing what we do despite the strains that the event industry can sometimes create on you.  The pièce de résistance is seeing our client walk through the doors right before guests arrive and they find themselves speechless.  That is when we know we have done well.What is your favorite piece from the Unearthed Vintage collection?
How can you make us choose? It’s all beautiful, really. I think some of your best pieces though are the smaller detail, repurposed items you have. When we first worked with you on the Norman Rockwell inspired event, getting to stylize groupings and vignettes with era-appropriate found items was incredibly fun and took things to a level that the guests still talk about!

What is your cocktail of choice? 
A classic Martini or a glass of Billecart-Salmon Brut Rose or Bollinger Brut Rose

Are there any details you want to share with us that you would want us include in the feature?
Aside from the inventory, we truly appreciate working with the UV team because we know nothing falls through the cracks. You have fantastic checks and balances in place and your diligence in being prepared before even setting foot onsite takes away so much stress as we’re usually in the midst of executing so many other projects simultaneously. Thank you for doing what you do! None of it goes unnoticed.

What is the best way for a potential client to reach you?

And also we use Instagram to keep our followers/subscribers in the know with what we have been up to.  It’s proven to be an invaluable tool for us.

Thanks Anna. We love working with you!
Katie & The Unearthed Vintage Team

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