Deliver Excellence, Going Above and Beyond Through Service

Deliver Excellence, Going Above and Beyond Through Service

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bentwood chairs
We’re so excited to add this seating options to our collection as a new option for the standard chiavaris or Tuscans. We’re always looking to bring you all of your unique furniture and decor needs. We have 200 of the Bentwood Chairs available for your next event, with an optional ivory cushion add on.  Email us to rent them for your next event!


fletcher farmhouse table
The Fletcher Farmhouse Table is our solution to the challenges some of our clients expressed. We learned that our clients sometimes had events that needed a more affordable table option (than our reclaimed barnwood options), however they wanted something better than the other farmhouse tables they had seen in South Florida. The Fletcher is a modern take on our classic Thompson Farmhouse Table, which is made of 100 year old reclaimed barnwood. It includes a modern wood that is beautifully stained, allowing us to make this a much more affordable option at half the rental rate of our Thompsons. We even happen to think for modern themed events that they work even better thanks to their sleek edges and smooth finish. We have 20 of them available as part of the hundreds of dining tables available in our collection. Email us today to make them part of your next event!


Did you know that we LOVE summer vibes and celebrating every chance we get? What does celebrating summer look like to us? We love the beach, family gatherings, BBQ’s, and mini-vacations – and we want to be part of all of your celebrations! We’re making that so much easier by reducing our minimum order requirement. Any events taking place between now and September 1st are eligible for our reduced order requirement of only $880. Email us to book your summertime events!

What does celebrating summer look like for our team? Well, we decided to give them “Summer Friday’s” – on Friday we’ll be closing the office at 2:00pm so our team can spend extra time soaking up the rays, spending time with family, or taking weekend road trips. Most importantly, our clients (that’s YOU) will still be taken care of. We’re all still available via email to help with your events and any questions you might have. Happy Summer!


Deliver Excellence, Going Above and Beyond Through Service
We want you to know who we are at our core, and what it is that makes our company culture so great (if we do say so, ourselves!) Deliver Excellence, Going Above and Beyond Through Service is how we live and breathe each day. What does that mean to us? It means showing up 15 minutes early for every meeting or delivery. It means always having a smile on our face because we’re doing what we love. It means focusing on small details that make all the difference. It means following through with our word. It means doing everything we can to ensure the “client experience” when working with Unearthed Vintage is incredible, from first phone calls, to meeting at our showroom and experiencing true customer service, to sending out our delivery crew (lovingly called the “best in the industry” and “ninjas” by some of our amazing partners), to the thank you’s and follow ups after each event. 


Remember to come visit us!
We hold our open house the last Wednesday of every month and is typically held from 4:30pm to 6:30pm. Come peruse the rentals, connect with the team, and meet all of our in-house members (prosecco and sweets included!) The next one is on Wednesday, July 26th from 4:30pm to 6:30pm!


arleny weddle
What are you passionate about?
I am passionate about living a well balanced positive life and everything that includes; taking care of my body mentally and physically, loving and being kind to those around me, and striving to always be the best version of myself.Why do you do what you do? 
I love being of service to people. It motivates me being surrounded with like-minded people. I enjoy knowing what I do has a purpose.What is your favorite piece in the collection?
My favorite piece is the Low Holden Tables. They are so unique and fun!

What is your cocktail of choice?
Vodka cranberry 🙂

What is the most memorable place you’ve traveled to?
The Grand Cayman Islands. While there we visited Stingray city and it was the most thrilling experience ever. They are huge and soft and just everywhere!

What has been your favorite UV event so far? 
Based on the pictures, the November 19th, 2016 wedding of Lotte and Josh is one of my favorite events of UV. Our pieces go so well with The Palms Hotel. I love the mixture of our Kingston Round Tables with the Fletcher Farmhouse Tables. The different chalkboard signs and marquee signs made for a nice touch, too. It all looked so coherent and like such a fun wedding! There were so many amazing partners involved in this one as well, Planning: Your Special Day by Joni; Florals: Ever After Floral Designs; Venue: The Palms Hotel; Cake: ET Cakes; Chalk Art: IBA Paper Goods; Photography: Evan Rich Photography.



evan rich
evan rich photography
What are you passionate about?
I am incredibly passionate about my family; my beautiful wife and two little girls. I love adventure and the outdoors and am pretty excited about getting these girls grown up a bit more so I can get them out on the trails. In the mean time I get in as much spearfishing as possible.Why do you do what you do?
I truly love meeting new people and learning about them and their families and relationships. It is really exciting to be able to find the not-so-obvious yet real story in each event I photograph and to be able to document it and help the couple tell it.What is your favorite piece from the Unearthed Vintage collection?
There is no way you are going to get me to choose between the Flynt Wall with all of its awesome possibilities as a backdrop and the Canary Wharf Carreta which about the coolest display platform for anything and everything.

What is your cocktail of choice? 
It’s a single malt scotch on the rocks and nothing else.

What is the best way for a potential client to reach you?

Are there any details you’d like to share with us that you would want us include in the feature?
I never thought I would be able to devote myself to something that I love so much. That is so incredibly rewarding.   I not only get to meet amazing people but what I do also provides me the opportunity (and honor!) to witness and document one of the most momentous times of their life.  And a lot of these beautiful experiences that I am honored to photograph are due to the awesome people and creative minds of Unearthed Vintage and their unique and spectacular details.

Thanks Evan. We love working with you!Love,
Katie & The Unearthed Vintage Team

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