Create Fun and a Little Weirdness

Create Fun and a Little Weirdness

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beckham chairs
The Beckham Chairs are some of our newest additions to our growing collection. A little minimal. A little modern. A whole lot of style. They go perfectly with just about everything, and will make your event something special. Email us to rent the Beckham Chairs today!


harlow chairs
The Harlow Chairs were one of the first mid-century pieces that we added to our collection several years ago. Their sleek lines were begging for some fun fabric, so we reupholstered them in vintage Kantha. They give a fun pop of color to any event, especially as part of our Palm Springs Lounge. Email us today to include the Harlow Chairs in your next event!


Come for a visit, stay for the prosecco and sweets (and great company)!
We hold our open house the last Wednesday of every month from 4:30pm to 6:30pm.Come peruse the rentals, connect with the team, and meet all of our in-house members! The next one will be held Wednesday, June 27th from 4:30pm to 6:30pm!


Did you know that we are always updating our collection, and in doing so we always have a handful of great pieces for sale? We have a special page on our website that tells you everything we have for sale which helps us free up space for the newest pieces for your events. If you’re looking for the perfect piece for your home, be sure to click on the “FOR SALE” section of our collection to see what we have up for grabs. We’d love for you to take a piece of Unearthed home with you. 


Create Fun and a Little Weirdness.
We want you to know who we are at our core, and what it is that makes our company culture so great (if we do say so, ourselves!) What does create fun and a little weirdness mean to us? Well first of all, we’ll be the first to admit that this core value came from one of our “Company Culture Idols” – Zappos. When creating our core values several years ago, we didn’t know where to begin, so we began researching. Zappos has an amazing set of values, including “create fun and a little weirdness.” It was so inspiring, because truly that is what we feel we do everyday. There was no way of making it better, so we adapted it as one of our own. (Thanks, Zappos). So back to what it means to us… It is so important that we always have fun in what we’re doing. We spend so much of our time with our work family that if we’re not having fun together, then what’s the point? And that little bit of weirdness? It’s basically a requirement for working here. 


cristina guerrero
cristi g events
What are you passionate about? 
My family, they always come first. My second passion would be my business, I absolutely love what I do, always have and excited to see it grow. I have been blessed with the sweetest clients, wonderful relationships and fortunate to do what I love every day!What is your favorite piece in the collection? 
Not an easy question, as I love all your pieces and more so with the new direction of the collection. But since I have to pick one, it’s the Hampton Wall. I love how versatile this piece is, it can be used as a welcome piece for light bites, takeaways, a dessert wall, bar or lounge backdrop, so many ideas. I love how it makes a statement and the tones are neutral enough to go with a variety of styles.

What is your cocktail of choice? 
Moscow Mule

What is the most memorable place you’ve traveled to?
I’ve been fortunate enough to travel plenty. I absolutely love travel and wish I can do it more often. Back in 2014, I took a trip with my sister to Europe- 30 days, 12 cities. We had such an amazing time in all our stops and it was a World Cup Summer, so we celebrated wins in many cities. But my favorite was Prague. A true hidden gem in Europe, the city, the food, the people, loved it all! And I got to see the Astronomical clocks in Old Town Square on my birthday!

What has been your favorite Unearthed event so far? 
The styled shoot at the Raleigh. We pulled an amazing group of creatives to complete this look, allowing each vendor to showcase their talent. It was chic, modern, organic and romantic the beautiful and historic The Raleigh Hotel in South Beach.

The amazing lineup of vendors included so many of my favorites:Anthology Co.
Earth & Sugar
IBA Paper Goods
Jacqueline Pinto Inc.
La Vie en Blanc
Makeup Artistry by Jessie
Patty Nash Photography
The Raleigh Hotel
and of course, Unearthed Rentals

What is the best way for our clients to get in touch with you?


patty nash
patty nash photography
What are you passionate about?
I am passionate about my family, about traveling and discovering new places, meeting new people.  Life in general is an amazing gift and I am passionate about it.Why do you do what you do?
I learned earlier in my life what a photograph is able to capture and how much meaning it has.  As a photographer I love capturing times, celebrations, emotions, places. What I create is art, it is part of my life and I can share it with the world. I am able to capture the intangible moments making them unforgettable memories and that is powerful – I love it!

What is your favorite piece from the Unearthed collection?
There are a lot of pieces I love and I cannot select ONE piece but I can tell you about a few I like:
The Hampton and Flynt Walls are fantastic and versatile.  I mean, I can display food, flowers or use it as a backdrop… I want one!
The Bowie Chairs that I had the privilege to photograph are beau-ti-ful!
The Hopper Crank Table is a piece that has so much history, I can talk forever, I love it!
And the Fairbank Factory Cart is so much fun. I might have to get one for my place.

What is your cocktail of choice? 
Cocktail.. Moscow Mule. But I can go for Prosecco any time.

What is the best way for a potential client to reach you?
Phone: 954-914-0446
Twiter: @pattynashphoto
And we run two Instagram accounts: @pattynashphotography & @quinces_photos

Thanks Patty. We love working with you!Love,
Katie + The Unearthed Team


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